About us

Elysium Industries is an advanced nuclear engineering company,  which specializes in the design, development and manufacture of its advanced reactor technology.  Having brought together the best engineering talent, we are developing the molten chloride salt fast reactor (MCSFR) for commercialization. Our development path only requires confirmatory research on existing materials and components, leading to a faster time to commercialization.

Our mission is to develop a low-cost, safe, easy to manufacture, and environmentally friendly nuclear reactor.  Our technology can help end energy poverty by producing power at competitive cost. Solving worldwide energy poverty leads to improved education for children, improved health, and reduces sociopolitical strife as well as climate pollution. The MCSFR technology can also help resolve the nuclear industry's waste and proliferations/ safeguards concerns.


Elysium Industries' engineering scope includes but is not limited to:

-Design and management services for construction and engineering of the MCSFR

-Process management (e.g., assessing engineering and product problems)

-Project planning and economic assessments


-Feasibility studies, including environmental impact assessment and community consultation