Protect Our Environment

Democratize Energy Access

Promote Global Security

Pollution has affected our ecosystems in an almost irreversible way. Restoring our ecosystems will require smarter yet considerably more energy consumption.

We must extract more energy from less resources -- a commitment to using the least amount of land and materials. Elysium believes that nuclear energy technology can become an unrivaled winner in this debate, by recycling its most radio-toxic waste. 

We must ensure that energy access becomes a human right. In 2022, over 1 billion people still lack reliable access to electricity.

Energy consumption per individual remains the single most impactful enabler in increasing one's quality of life and improving social harmony.

Elysium is looking to support the disposal of nuclear weapons by converting its fissile material into a molten chloride fuel salt. Many nuclear economies are looking to dispose of its separated plutonium.

The Elysium reactor and fuel processes are designed to enhance proliferation resistance. This can support gigawatt-scale expansion to energy-deprived emerging nuclear economies and facilitate new entrants.