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Reinventing Nuclear Design

Energy Production

Molten Salt Reactor (FC-MSR)

Neutron Spectrum

Fast Spectrum Neutron Flux


Liquid - Uranium, Plutonium, Minor Actinides 

Salt Form

Liquid Chloride Salt

Thermal Capacity

500 - 3,000 MWth (Flexible)

Electrical Capacity

200 - 1,200 MWe



Operating Pressure

Low | Atmospheric

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Nuclear Waste Management

Elysium Nuclear Waste Transporter

Recycling Nuclear Waste

Elysium has developed breakthrough solutions in modernizing nuclear waste recycling. We believe our nuclear waste problem is our clean energy solution

Nuclear waste could supply 100% of current US energy consumption (beyond electricity) for many years to come.  

> 100 Years

Spent Nuclear Fuel

(> 85,000 tons)

> 1,000 Years

Depleted Uranium

(> 200,000 tons)

> 10,000 Years

Uranium and/or Thorium Ore

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Current Phase

Elysium is designing a 10 MW thermal non-power demonstration unit. In 2022, we look forward to pursuing pre-licensing with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and furthering our siting efforts to support operation in 2028.